Yearly Archives: 2015

What’s in a Name? Meet Unitech.support

Since 2007, I have spelled pickunitech.com more times than I can remember. Like many people, when we began our company we worked with what was available, and in the .com world, with limited creativity on my part, it was the best I could do.  We… Continue reading

Blog About a Dog – Meet Pippin

So today I am leaving the world of Unitech… sort of… and introducing you to Pippin and Medical Animals in Need. I say ‘sort of’ leaving Unitech, because anyone who has visited our office knows there are usually dogs there, and often they are foster… Continue reading

You have a data backup plan – But what about phones??

I have been working on phones since 1976. Yep, that is a very long time. And while I think Avaya phone equipment is the most reliable phone equipment I have ever seen, it does, on occasion, fail. And then what? We fix it or replace… Continue reading

IP Office Users Guide Updates

IP Office Users Guide Updates: We are slowly adding more and more user guides to our site. The IP Office Digital Handset sections are completed, and the IP handsets are being added this week. In the interim, if there are guides you need that are… Continue reading

IP Office R9.1 Details

With the latest release of the IP Office, the R9.1, platform delivery options have expanded. You now have the options of an on-site single appliance, server edition for larger locations, or a cloud-based IP Office solution for those who want the features of the highly… Continue reading