You have a data backup plan – But what about phones??

I have been working on phones since 1976. Yep, that is a very long time. And while I think Avaya phone equipment is the most reliable phone equipment I have ever seen, it does, on occasion, fail. And then what? We fix it or replace it. And the single biggest hurdle between your business and restoring its communication to the world is that information that was lost when the failure occurred. To eliminate this hurdle we have developed a plan to store data for three of the most commonly used phone systems: The Avaya Partner, the Merlin Legend/Merlin Magix, and the IP Office.

Each plan is a little different, as each system stores data differently, but the basics are the same. We will obtain a copy of your existing system configuration, store a copy in our office, and return it to you in the event of a failure that causes a loss of this data. We will also verify the administrative passwords that allow access to this information and to your voice mail, and include this information in the backup data that is provided to you if the system uses passwords. IP Office and Merlin Legend/Magix data is pulled electronically in a configuration file. Both systems require management software to retrieve this data. Partner ACS data is stored on a backup/restore card, which is inserted into a replacement system for retrieval.

Where the data is electronic, we will both store a copy at our office and return a copy to you on a flash drive. In addition to the backup, the flash drive contains programming and administrative information for the telephone system and handsets. If your system utilizes paper labels for the handsets, we will also include a software package that will allow you to generate labels for your phones should they need replaced or updated. We can also sell you the labels. With the Partner, where the data is a media card, we can either store it for you or you can store it on site. We will provide a flash drive in addition to the backup and restore card that contains the same system-specific information as the other systems, including the label generation software for handsets.

When the unexpected occurs, and your data is lost, in most cases the programming information can be uploaded to a replacement processor. If a decision is made to install a new Avaya system, we can pull the information from the storage media and input it into a new system, making any programming changes along the way as needed. This simple plan will save you hours, or possibly days, getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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