What’s in a Name? Meet Unitech.support

Since 2007, I have spelled pickunitech.com more times than I can remember. Like many people, when we began our company we worked with what was available, and in the .com world, with limited creativity on my part, it was the best I could do.  We are used to it now, and it has certainly served us well, but when the opportunity presented itself to reserve unitech.support we finally had the name that best describes what we do.

Unitech is all about support. We want to provide you the best service and support possible for the lifespan of your business and its associated needs, no matter what those needs are. If the needs of your business change and newer platforms will better serve you, we will present those options to you at the right time. But the heartbeat of everything we do is the support we provide. So… over the next few months you will be invited to contact us at our new unitech.support domain, or you can continue to use pickunitech.com if you prefer. Either way, we look forward to continuing to support you and your business as long as you allow us to be part of your organization.



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