Avaya Backup


Why do you need our Avaya Backup service?

When telephone system hardware fails, often times the biggest impediment to a timely recovery is understanding and rebuilding the programming and features that are currently in place. Without a backup of this information, it can takes hours, or even days, to restore your communications properly and allow your employees and your clients to communicate effectively. For a small annual fee, we will back up your existing services and store a copy in our office. In the event of a system failure, this will allow for a much quicker recovery. In the event that the system is deemed unrecoverable, the data we have saved can be used to program a new system with the features and operation that you are accustomed to. Please note that this is a backup service, not a repair service. We are simply providing the parameters of your existing system to speed up the repair and or replacement in the event of a complete hardware failure. The costs associated with doing the repairs and/or system replacement would be in addition to the annual backup fee.

To see more information on each of the systems covered by the Avaya Backup service, click on the product name.

Merlin Legend/Magix

MLX10DP For a fee of $120 per year, our technician will visit your office, and download a copy of your current configuration. We will return a copy to you, and store a copy in our office. We will also verify your voice mail administration passwords. Passwords, voice mail log in instructions, a copy of the configuration, and a copy of the WIN SPM management software will be returned to you on a flash drive. In the event of a  system failure, this configuration can be loaded onto a new system memory card. If the system is replaced rather than repaired, the configuration from WIN SPM will need to be printed and used as a reference document for building a new system.

Partner ACS

Avaya_PartnerACS For a first-year fee of $175, our technician will visit your office, verify your AAA batteries are in place and working, insert a backup and restore card, and do a backup of your configuration to the card. We will then remove the card and do a current backup and restore to your current card (if present.) We will also determine the administrative passwords for voice mail, if applicable. We will then send you a flash drive with all the pertinent documentation for your Partner, your specific voice mail passwords, a copy of your automated attendant greetings as appropriate, and a copy of the correct label generation software for your handsets. Second year costs for this service will be reduced as we will be able to reuse the backup and restore card purchased for this service the first year.

IP Office

IP500V2 9608 1403 9560 IP and digital handset

IP500V2 with IP and Digital Handsets

For a fee of $120 per year, our technician will visit your office and save a copy of your current configuration. We will return a copy to you and store a copy in our office. Your copy will be returned on a flash drive along with copies of your automated attendant greetings, user guides, and administrator guides for your system. In the event of an SD card failure, this configuration can be used to reload your system onto a new SD card. If your phones utilize paper labels, we will also include a copy of the software needed to generate new labels.

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