IP Office Security

One of our clients recently had their NEC system hacked by someone who felt a need to call Cuba repeatedly. The good news is that we caught it quickly, and the carrier was very generous in adjusting off the fraudulent chargtes. The bad news is that hacking is more and more of an issue to all of us on all our platforms, and if it happens again their carrier will not be so accommodating. IP Office Security.

What can you do to protect your system? There are several steps we should all be taking to ensure a hacker will not have an easy time accessing your IP Office either from the network or through your voice mail. Passwords should be changed, your certificate should be updated, and best practices should be implemented to make sure that your environment is as secure as possible.

Avaya’s general IP Office security guidelines include:
  •  Change security defaults
  • Remove unnecessary accounts
  • Disable unused services/interfaces
  • Enforce a password policy
  • Update identity certificates and PKI
  • Secure users and extensions
  • Prevent unwanted calls
  • Secure voice media
  • Limit IP network exposure
  • Secure management applications & configure data
  • Secure servers
  • Activate reporting/monitoring
  • Checks and tests

Once appropriate security measures are implemented, a monitoring and response process is also necessary. If you need help with implementing this plan, or for more information, feel free to contact to set up a no-charge visit to develop a plan for your IP Office and security. To see Avaya’s complete IP Office Platform Security Guidelines, download IP Office Security Guidelines. 



Welcome Center Telecom and Axiom Telecom Customers

As you may have noticed, when you call your phones are being answered differently now when you call 602-242-5515. If we knew you when Diana and Gary were part of Center Telecom, we look forward to saying hi again. If you are new to Unitech, please take the time to browse our site; we hope you find it useful as you have questions on your existing phone system or if you are looking for a new system.

We are an Avaya business partner, and are always here to answer your questions. We maintain a complete inventory of parts, and if you need user guides that are not on our web site, call or email us and we will send you what you need. Welcome aboard!

Diana & Gary and all of us at Unitech.

What’s in a Name? Meet Unitech.support

Since 2007, I have spelled pickunitech.com more times than I can remember. Like many people, when we began our company we worked with what was available, and in the .com world, with limited creativity on my part, it was the best I could do.  We are used to it now, and it has certainly served us well, but when the opportunity presented itself to reserve unitech.support we finally had the name that best describes what we do.

Unitech is all about support. We want to provide you the best service and support possible for the lifespan of your business and its associated needs, no matter what those needs are. If the needs of your business change and newer platforms will better serve you, we will present those options to you at the right time. But the heartbeat of everything we do is the support we provide. So… over the next few months you will be invited to contact us at our new unitech.support domain, or you can continue to use pickunitech.com if you prefer. Either way, we look forward to continuing to support you and your business as long as you allow us to be part of your organization.



Blog About a Dog – Meet Pippin

So today I am leaving the world of Unitech… sort of… and introducing you to Pippin and Medical Animals in Need. I say ‘sort of’ leaving Unitech, because anyone who has visited our office knows there are usually dogs there, and often they are foster pups from an organization that deserves all the publicity it can get – Medical Animals in Need, or MAIN. When we can, we foster a dog who needs time to heal from an illness or injury, most often due to neglect, and help them get ready for a forever family. MAIN is a completely volunteer organization, and does a wonderful job saving dogs from certain euthanasia. We met these people when we adopted our Snappy; you can see her story here: Sapphire, an inspirational rescue.

Pippin was recently featured on the local news. This gives an idea of of what these dogs go through and the commitment of the people that piece them back together. It takes a committed team to make this happen. It starts with the shelter staff who reach out to MAIN, the volunteers who make the rescue happen, the committed veterinarians and vet techs at Bethany Animal Hospital who piece these poor pups together and work with them until their adoptable, and the families who foster them. But the ending is the best part – a family gets to welcome one of these dogs into their home.





Pippin and Snappy

Pippin and Snappy


You have a data backup plan – But what about phones??

I have been working on phones since 1976. Yep, that is a very long time. And while I think Avaya phone equipment is the most reliable phone equipment I have ever seen, it does, on occasion, fail. And then what? We fix it or replace it. And the single biggest hurdle between your business and restoring its communication to the world is that information that was lost when the failure occurred. To eliminate this hurdle we have developed a plan to store data for three of the most commonly used phone systems: The Avaya Partner, the Merlin Legend/Merlin Magix, and the IP Office.

Each plan is a little different, as each system stores data differently, but the basics are the same. We will obtain a copy of your existing system configuration, store a copy in our office, and return it to you in the event of a failure that causes a loss of this data. We will also verify the administrative passwords that allow access to this information and to your voice mail, and include this information in the backup data that is provided to you if the system uses passwords. IP Office and Merlin Legend/Magix data is pulled electronically in a configuration file. Both systems require management software to retrieve this data. Partner ACS data is stored on a backup/restore card, which is inserted into a replacement system for retrieval.

Where the data is electronic, we will both store a copy at our office and return a copy to you on a flash drive. In addition to the backup, the flash drive contains programming and administrative information for the telephone system and handsets. If your system utilizes paper labels for the handsets, we will also include a software package that will allow you to generate labels for your phones should they need replaced or updated. We can also sell you the labels. With the Partner, where the data is a media card, we can either store it for you or you can store it on site. We will provide a flash drive in addition to the backup and restore card that contains the same system-specific information as the other systems, including the label generation software for handsets.

When the unexpected occurs, and your data is lost, in most cases the programming information can be uploaded to a replacement processor. If a decision is made to install a new Avaya system, we can pull the information from the storage media and input it into a new system, making any programming changes along the way as needed. This simple plan will save you hours, or possibly days, getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.