IP Office Users Guide Updates

IP Office Users Guide Updates: We are slowly adding more and more user guides to our site. The IP Office Digital Handset sections are completed, and the IP handsets are being added this week. In the interim, if there are guides you need that are not linked, you can either call our office or select the link for the IP Office Knowledge Base at the bottom of the page. When you reach that page, choose user’s guides from the left-hand side. The quick reference guides are listed by name. Full user guides are listed under the “PDF Manuals” link.

The next step will be to connect you to You Tube videos that explain some of the common programming options and show how to use the basic handsets and features. We look forward to adding that next layer of education and hope you continue to visit our site and consider it your top resource for information on the Avaya phone systems for small and medium size businesses. IP Office User Guide Updates IP Office User Guide Updates IP Office User Guide



IP Office Knowledge Base


IP Office R9.1 Details

With the latest release of the IP Office, the R9.1, platform delivery options have expanded. You now have the options of an on-site single appliance, server edition for larger locations, or a cloud-based IP Office solution for those who want the features of the highly desirable system without the overhead of hardware and management. Check the links for the brochures below to see an overview of the system options available and the end user profiles. If you are looking for a new system nothing is better than the IP Office or if you would like to explore the new features available via an upgrade to your existing IP Office please feel free to contact us.

IP Office R9.1 System Overview

IPO 9_1 System Fact Sheet

IPR R9_1 User Fact Sheet

Partner ACS, IP Office, SIP trunks.. what does it all mean?

If you have or used to have a Partner ACS, chances are you received a letter from us this week, talking about the differences between the Partner ACS and the IP Office, and the role that new technology plays in deciding whether to keep your existing system or to upgrade your Partner to the IP Office. It can be difficult to capture all the pieces of that decision in a direct mail piece, but the decision to change or not to change often comes down to the cost of dial tone.

In virtually every instance, if you do not have a contract in place with your current carrier switching to SIP trunks will cover the lease payments on a new phone system. So.. for the same monthly payment you will receive the benefits of a new phone system, including voice mail going to your smart phone, contacts on your phone similar to your cell phone, the ability to easily switch calls between your desk and cell, and many more benefits. In many instances, your monthly bill will reduce – anywhere from less than $20 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the size and complexity of your phone system and your telephone and internet lines.

Visiting with us to explore your options is always free, and usually fun as well. We know a lot about the industry, and can guide you to the best decision for your company, whether you are planning on making a change now or in a few years. We have documented cases of SIP trunks saving our clients from $20 to $1000 per month.  Give us a call and set up an appointment to see if SIP trunks work for you; I think you will find it beneficial.


Pardon Our Dust While Under Construction…

Please accept our apologies for missing and/or incomplete sections while our web site undergoes a much-needed update. Our goal is to provide links to as much support information as we can; as you can imagine, this is a lot of information and takes time to locate, verify the accuracy of the information, and link to our site.  Since our main purpose is to support the Avaya product line, we will be loading support information before we load any sales brochures and information.

If you are visiting our site for something specific and do not see what you need, you can either contact us by phone , send an email to service@pickunitech.com, or choose from one of the support sites located on the support and documentation page. Thank you for your patience and we hope you find this site to be helpful resource.

Are the Free Phones Really Free?

If you recently received a mailer with a flyer that offered free equipment, yes it is truly free. With some limitations. Our free stock is limited to what we have on hand. All phones have been tested and cleaned, but not factory refurbished. At this time we have a limited supply of Spirit phones, and a few Merlin BIS/HFAI sets (the black and silver phones.) We have MLS 12, 18, and 34D handsets in white. We have Partner 18 non-display phones in both black and white, and MLX 5 non-display phones for Merlin Legend and Merlin Magix systems.

We have an assortment of Partner and Magix expansion boards. The Partner boards are 206, 200 line, and 400 line cards. They do not have caller ID. We have MLX408 Legend boards, also without caller ID.

Free phones must be picked up at our office, or shipped at your expense. The intent of the phones is to provide an extra handset or two if needed, so we limit this offer to two phones per customer per incident. The phones have to be used in your business; we do not give them to resellers or anyone else who will not be using them in their office.  So yes, they are free; call or email us if you need any of the items described above. This will be periodically updated as our inventory changes. Thank you and hope your New Year is a good one.