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IP500V2 9608 1403 9560 IP and digital handset

IP500V2 with IP and Digital Handsets


IP Handsets

The IP500 supports a wide range of IP handsets, from the earlier 4600 and 5600 series to the most recent 9600, 9650,  and 1600 series. Many third-party handsets from companies such as Cisco and Polycom can also be used on the IP Office.  Use the links below to download users guides and programming manuals for your phones. If you do not see your phone, visit our Digital Handsets page or call us for more information.

 1600 Series IP Phones

1416 1408 1403 Avaya digital handset

1600 Series IP Handsets4600 Series

1600 Series User Guide

1600 Quick Reference

9600 Series IP Phones

9650 9611 9620 9630 9608 avaya digital series handsets

9600 Series IP Handsets

9650 Series IP Phone

9650C IP Phone

9650C IP Handset