IP Office Overview – Handsets and System Information

IP500V2 9608 1403 9560 IP and digital handset

IP500V2 with IP and Digital Handsets

Click a link below for access to user and administrator guides, quick reference guides, and additional information on Avaya’s large selection of digital handsets, IP handsets, and system information.

Digital Handsets

1416 1408 1403 Avaya digital handset

1400 Series Handsets

The 1400 series phones are the most similar to the button layout of traditional key systems such as the Partner ACS. Available in three sizes, the 1403, 1408, or 1416, the phone features a three-line display with three soft keys and system-generated button labels to enable each user to have their handset customized to best suit their individual needs. The newer 9500 (see the 9600 series picture in the next column) feature a larger 5-line display, and eliminate the need for paper labels with three screens of personalized programming for each user.

IP Handsets

9650 9611 9620 9630 9608 avaya digital series handsets

9600 Series Handsets

IP handsets are available in both black and white and color screens, and there are handsets in all price ranges. The 9600 and 1600 series are the newest offerings. The older handsets include the 5600 and 4600 series. There are also third-party IP handsets that work on the Avaya IP office, as well as IP conference and wireless solutions.

System Information

AuthPart-rev-rgbThe award-winning IP Office has the features that your company needs to best communicate with your clients and your associates, ensuring that your customer experience is the best it can be. Stay tuned for more system and programming information on the IP Office.

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