Partner ACS

Partner Overview – Handsets and System Information

Introduced in early 90’s the Partner system from AT&T became the most widely-used telephone system in the world with over 1,000,000 systems installed. Avaya ceased production of the Partner ACS in 2010, but parts and sets are still widely available.  Partner Series 1 and Series 2 (pictured above) handsets can be re-used on Avaya’s flagship system for small and medium businesses, the Avaya IP Office.


System Information

Beginning with the Partner, then the Partner Plus, Partner II, and finally the Partner ACS, click this link for system information, programming instructions, and more on the Avaya Partner systems.

Handset Information

PARTNER18DPartner MLS, Partner 18D Series 1 and Series 2, Partner 34D, Partner 6 display phones or non-display. Click this link for user’s guides, programming instructions, and label printing/replacement instructions and options.


Partner Mail, Partner Mail VS, Partner Messaging, or Partner Voice Messaging. Click this link for help in identifying your voice mail system, programming your voice mail or your automated attendant system, understanding their  operations, and information on contacting us for help with password resets if needed.

 Partner Mail VS R1 Partner Mail VS R2 Partner Mail VS R3 Partner Mail VS R4 Partner Mail VS R5 Partner Messaging R1 Partner Messaging R2 Partner Messaging R6 Partner Messaging R7 Partner Voice Messaging Small Partner Voice Messaging Large Partner Plus Partner II Partner ACS MLS Phone Partner 18D Partner 18D Series 1 Partner 18D Series 2 Eurostyle MLS18D MLS12 MLS12D MLS34D Partner 34D MLS6 Partner 6 Unitech Unitech Partner ACS R6 Partner ACS R7 programming administration overlays desi strips users guides administration guides installation move and change Lucent AT&T Phoenix repair move and change partner ACS button programming voicemail password reset automated attendant day greeting night greeting change greet


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