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Partner Handsets

The first handset introduced on the Partner system was the MLS series. Available in both white and black, the phones were manufactured in 6 button, 12 button, 18 button, and 34 button models. The 6 was a non-display, the 12 and 18 were both display and non-display, and the 34 was a display-only model. Replacing the MLS phones, the Partner 18D, also referred to as the Partner Eurostyle series handsets were available in 6 button, 18 button, and 34 button sizes, and manufactured in black, gray, or white. The 6 button was a non-display phone, the 18 was either display or non display, and the 34 button was a display-only phone. The Partner 18D series one, pictured below,  is undoubtedly the most widely-used handset. The Partner handsets underwent a cosmetic update and the Series Two was introduced. The phones were offered in 6,18, and 34 button models, and all handsets are display handsets. Mobility was offered on the Partner via wireless headsets and the TransTalk family of wireless handsets. Click this handset overview link for detailed information on the Partner handsets from the Avaya support web site.


MLS Handsets

thThe original Partner handset, the Partner MLS, comes in 6 button, 12 button, 18 button, and 34 button sizes. The 12 and 18 button phones have both display and non-display versions. The MLS34 is a display-only version. All these handsets are part of our ‘Free Equipment’ program in Phoenix and Prescott. We no longer sell them unless requested by and end-user, and we give them away based on our inventory… check our blog post for more details.

MLS Quick Reference



Eurostyle Partner Series One

Partner 18DAvailable in 6 button non-display, 18 button display and non-display, and 34 button display sets, this is the most widely used Partner handset. We offer these phones fully refurbished with warranties.  The Partner 6 and 18 non-display phones are part of our ‘Free Equipment’ program for customers in the Phoenix and Prescott areas. We also provide plastics and paper overlays to make your phones look new again. Partner Series One handsets can be reused on the award-willing IP Office.

Partner Handset Quick Reference

Eurostyle/Series Two

PARTNER18DThe Partner Eurostyle phones underwent a cosmetic change in the late 1990’s to both given them a newer look and to allow them to utilize the same handsets as some of the IP Office handsets being manufactured. The phones were only available in display models. We stock all Series Two handsets, as well as the papers and plastic overlays for the phones.Partner Series Two handsets can be reused on the award-winning IP Office.

Partner Handset Quick Reference