Partner/Partner ACS System Information

Avaya_PartnerACSThe Partner system was introduced in the early 1990’s, as the basic Partner. There were 5 releases of the basic Partner before it was replaced by the Partner Plus and the larger Partner II. After multiple releases of both systems, caller ID was first available with the Partner Plus/Partner II Release 4. The basic structure of the phone system was redesigned with the introduction of the Partner ACS, which went through 6 releases before a slighter larger Partner ACS R7 and R8 were released throughout the late 1990’s. The Partner went out of production in 2010, but is still one of the most widely used telephone systems. As such, replacement parts are still readily available, and Unitech will support the full ACS product line into the foreseeable future. Indeed, the driving factor for replacing the Partner/Partner ACS is not a parts or availability issue but rather some of the newer features and savings available. The Partner ACS continues to be reliable, basic communications for smaller organizations who do not require features such as voice mail to email or SIP trunking.

Partner ACS

Partner ACS

Two useful things to know if you have a Partner/Partner ACS…what Partner system do I have, and what are the features available on the Partner?  Click on these links to download the Partner Processor Beep Test and the ACSR8brochure to answer these questions.

Partner hardware and voice mail has evolved over the years, so here are two more charts: Partner Mail Compatibility and the Partner Expansion Module Compatibility Chart. These busy charts give you features available based on your voice mail system, and let you know what expansion cards can be used, and in what order, to expand your Partner system. You can also call our office at 602-795-2121 or email us at service@pickunitech.com, and we will answer these questions for you.