Avaya IP Office Platform

Avaya IP Office Platform

The Avaya IP Office ® is a a complete and powerful customer solution specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. It delivers seamless voice, video, unified communications (including unified messaging, mobility, instant messaging and presence) and web collaboration. It also enables third-party desktop application integration such as Outlook, Lync, and saleforce.com. Since the IP Office can run inside a virtual machine, on a dedicated server or appliance, or in a mixed deployment environment, IP Office software offers flexibility and a cost-effective choice. Avaya IP Office

With over 500,000 systems installed worldwide, IP Office is the leader in unified communications and real-time collaboration for small and midsize businesses.

IP500V2 9608 1403 9560 IP and digital handset

IP500V2 with IP and Digital Handsets

IP Office R11 Solution

IPO 9_1 Offer Definition

IP Office Platform Documentation Catalog

The IP Office Platform Documentation Catalog lists all documentation on the IP Office as of May 2018. The user documents, beginning on page 10, are a great resource for handset and voice mail user and operational guides. Visit the IP Office Knowledge Base at IP Office Knowledge Base or email our office to request additional information.Avaya IP Office R11 Sometimes or it is really hard to get to 300 words. I will once again just type things I care about. IP Office IP500 IP500V2. IP Office R10.0 IP Office R10.1 IP Office R7. I wonder if this has gotten me to the needed 300 words. Partner ACS why not throw that it there and for good measure. Hello Michelle if you are so reading this. IP Office Avaya R11 and I am really tired of this so I am adding transition words. That will make my seo is better and I can be finished