Do Your Phones Cost or Save You Money?


AuthPart-rev-rgb UniTech’s mission is to simply become the best provider of communications systems. Whether you need a new solution, upgraded equipment, or just technical in-office or remote support, we are here to be your premiere phone resource. Some of the systems we support include: Avaya, Nortel, Vodavi, and NEC. We service many other systems; please feel free to contact us, even if your system is not on this list.

Benefits of SIP Trunking

phonestamp SIP Trunking offers many benefits: Crystal-clear voice quality, WEB-based administration and management tools, Free calling across multiple sites at your company, virtually real-time call history and tracking, and greatly reduced monthly charges. Contact us for a free analysis today and begin realizing these benefits for your company.

Avaya IP Office

IP500V2 9608 1403 9560 IP and digital handset

IP500V2 with IP and Digital Handsets

Voice mail to email, twinning, full contact storage (similar to your cell phone,) ability to use lower-priced SIP lines, remote worker solutions, free remote software support, lower expansion costs, and much more… find out what the IP Office can do for your business today, including the benefits provided with the all-new Release 9.1 for midmarket customers.  Contact us today and mention this ad for special pricing.

Grimy Phone Covers?

UNITECH_logo Contact us for complimentary replacement covers (if available from our supplier.) We have access to hundreds of replacement papers, including software for your to generate new labels and keep them up-to-date. As our thank you for visiting our web page, send an email to our service mailbox using our contact form, list the model of your phone, and we mail you new papers for your phone. Please note we need the exact model number, which can usually be found on the bottom of the phone, if it is not listed on the faceplate. Or take a picture with a cell phone and include it in your email.

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